Release notes Oktober 2021 NL

[21.20 / 21.21]

Subject Description Version
Split VMP order rows blocked for logistic processing When you buy VMP and the order rows are split, both box rows can be blocked for logistic processing. You first choose a packing for these [?] order rows before you can process them. 21.21
In active users not visible in security administration Ability to filter active users in security administration. 21.21
Print labels after scan Allocation list per customer It's now possible to set per customer, if labels need to be printed of the distribution list. this can be kept, and adjusted per order. Both using a check mark on the label tab per customer or order. on the tab others. 21.21
Block/release order for logistical processing Ability to block/release an entire order for logistical processing. 21.21
Article type column product group volume/weight proposal Article type visible as column in System tables - product group volume/weight proposal. 21.21
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