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Axerrio is a team of experienced professionals that have developed smart and user-friendly business solutions for the floral industry. Axerrio Business Solutions offers industry-specific software, web design, infrastructure, organisational consulting and implementation for exporters, wholesalers, cash & carries, growers, importers, brokers and bouquet companies in Europe, Asia and North America. Product development happens in our Bergen op Zoom office. We also have offices in Aalsmeer and California for sales, implementation and support.

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Axerrio offers a complete business solution through; hardware, software, support and maintenance. Clear, simple and customizable to your needs. We offer many packages including a complete and fully customizable Axerrio Floral Software package, Axerrio Floral Software Online; a more scalable package for smaller companies and webshop; our e-commerce package. Since 1995, we have implemented Axerrio Floral Software at over 90 major companies. Currently, more than 1000 professionals in the floral industry use our software as their daily tool of trade, as do thousands of their customers, through Axerrio webshop.

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