About us

About us.

Axerrio as a company consists of a team of experienced professionals who develop and implement user-friendly and smart software solutions for floriculture.

Our software is suitable for retailers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, production/processing companies, Cash & Carry's to commercial growers. Our customers are mainly located in Europe and North America, and we also serve various customers in South America and Asia.

The development and support of our products is done from our office in Bergen op Zoom. In addition, we have an office in California for sales, implementation and support for our American customers.

Axerrio offers a complete business solution through; hardware, software, support and maintenance. Clear, simple and customizable to your needs. We offer many packages including a complete and fully customizable Axerrio Floral Software package, Axerrio Floral Software Online; a more scalable package for smaller companies and webshop; our e-commerce package. Since 1995, we have implemented Axerrio Floral Software at over 90 major companies. Currently, more than 1000 professionals in the floral industry use our software as their daily tool of trade, as do thousands of their customers, through Axerrio webshop.

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Our values.

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Sustainable relationships are very important to Axerrio, which is why we are committed to social projects in which we can show ourselves more broadly in society. In this way we can offer support to associations and foundations that need help to achieve their goals, which ultimately gives a positive impulse to our society.

Our location

Our location.

At two places in the Netherlands we have great locations from which our employees operate. At both locations meeting facilities are also available and we are happy to welcome our customers with a cup of coffee. The office in Bergen op Zoom is ideally located, close to the highway, making it easy to get to from all over the region. From this location, many of our software developers work on Axerrio's innovative products. The office in Aaslmeer is a perfect base for many of our clients who are located in and around the Aalsmeer auction site. Our clients around Rijnsburg and Naaldwijk can also be visited from here with limited travel time.

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Bergen op Zoom Office

Joulehof 1, 4622 RG Bergen op Zoom

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Bergen op Zoom Office
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Bergen op Zoom Office
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Bergen op Zoom Office
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Bergen op Zoom Office
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Bergen op Zoom Office
Our team

Our team.

We are is a team of experienced professionals that have developed smart and user-friendly business solutions for the floral industry.


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