Release notes July 2022 EN

[22.14 / 22.15]

Subject Description Version
PricelistRowTransaction while archiving
While archiving in axsparchivepricelist also delete the pricelistrowtransaction records.
Comment field ARS Reports (API part)
U kunt nu een opmerkingsveld invullen bij het aanmaken/aanpassen van ARS rapporten. Deze is te zien in het overzicht van rapportages.
Freight purchase value in turnover statistics
Include freight purchase value in turnover statistics when settling freight separately on invoice.
Comment field ARS Reports (UI part)
You can now use a remark when creating/adjusting ARS reports. This is available in the ARS reports overview. 22.15
Being able to adjust the label group on an order
In de eigenschappen van een order kun je de labelgroep en aantal labels wijzigen of inzien.
Lot credited by not saved
If you enter a financial credit on a lot, the user is now saved.
Subject Version
Weights recorded in the app are processed immediately and are visible in the distribution screen 22.14
Problem opening an existing trade article and filling in the nursery

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