Release notes September 2022 EN

[22.18 / 22.19]

Subject Description Version
Do not send email after scan shipment as departed
You can set whether or not you want to send an e-mail when a shipment is scanned as departed via a setting.
Sorting status in Production Orders
The sorting is no longer alphabetical but by process order. 22.19
Add production order status in F12 filter screen
It is now possible to filter in production orders on the new status 'Ready for production'.
WMA Distribution alphabetical sorting
User can now change the sorting order of order rows between numerical (by order row number) or alphabetical (by article name). This is set in ABS System Setting:'WMADistributionShipmentSortOnAlphabeticalOrder'.
You can choose your device area when starting ABS
If set in the user settings you can choose your device area when starting ABS.
Enlarge customer destination labels grid
The destination labels screen in system tables - customers - labels has been enlarged.
Credit is not created
When a complaint is set to status 'Solved, yet to be charged' in the complaints administration, the credit may already be created.


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