Release notes August 2022 EN

[22.16 / 22.17]

Subject Description Version
Show column GLN in Master data - Customers Column GLN is now available in System tables - customers 22.16
Lot remark visable in grid destination labels Lot remark is available in grid destination labels. 22.16
Show total number of TCs in distribution shipment You can see how many transport carriers are registered per shipment. 22.16
MOQ lot added to allocate grid The ReferenceMinimalOrderQuantity (MOQ) is available as a column in allocate and as a property on the lot. 22.17
Item filter options add item to order line Ability to set a general default filter value for item filter trade items at order line entry. You can still select a different value as a user, but it will not be saved as filter. 22.16
Do not copy GLN when cloning Customer Through a right it is possible to no longer copy the field GLN when cloning a system tables - customer. 22.17
Push gross price in pricelist rows You can now also push the gross price to the other customers in pricelists rows. 22.17
Subject Version
Open Distribution member properties 22.17
Error message when creating complaint 22.17

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