• Streamline all processes with ABS Floral Software
  • Integrate with growers, sellers and customers

  • 24/7 support from our experienced consultants

Power your

Whether you are a grower, importer, bouquet company or wholesaler in the floral industry, Axerrio has a solution for you!

With Axerrio Floral Software you have the all in one solution to manage your floral business.

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Axerrio Business Software.

Axerrio is de One-Stop-Shop IT partner voor de sierteeltindustrie.
Met onze softwareproducten, IT infrastructuur oplossingen en branchekennis verzorgen wij een totaaloplossing voor de inrichting van jouw primaire bedrijfsprocessen, e-commerce activiteiten en integratie met branche partners. Eenvoudig in gebruik, je kunt snel aan de slag, ofwel één oplossing voor de hele organisatie.

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ABS ERP Sierteelt SoftwareABS ERP Software

In control of all processes.
Purchasing, sales, distribution and finances all done with ABS.

ABS Sierteelt WebshopABS Webshop

Let your customers buy your stock or VMP. All customised to your company's style.

ABS Sierteelt Warehouse AppABS Warehousing

Reporting inside, checking stock and acquiring locations.
Work smarter!

Photoshooter App
Photoshooter App
Smart Business Solutions
Smart Business Intelligence
Lijnrijder Software
Truck/Mobile Software
Automatische Prijslijstberekening
Automatic Pricelist calculation
All our modules

Explore Axerrio.

To manage your floral business as best as possible we provide an all-in-one solution. For that we use our own ERP software: "Axerrio Business Software".

Looking for a smart solution for your floral business? Let Axerrio take care with the following options!

  • Your business managed within budget using ABS Floral Software
  • Grow your business with a fully integrated webshop

  • Manage your business anywhere op iedere computer met ABS Online

  • 24/7 support from our experienced consultants

  • Real time information and historical data with Smart Business Intelligence

  • Integrate with growers, vendors, logistics and your customers

Working at Axerrio?

Sure you can! We are always looking for new colleagues. More and more floral companies want to work with our software, so we need more people. Would you like to help us grow?

Currently we have job openings for a Project Manager and Product Consultant, are you interested don't wait any longer and apply right now.

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