• Streamline all processes with ABS Floral Software
  • Integrate with growers, sellers and customers

  • 24/7 support from our experienced consultants
Axerrio ABS

Power your

Automate and optimize all your business processes with Axerrio Floral Software, save time and money!

Our consultants are happy to advice you for the perfect setup of the Axerrio software.

Axerrio Webshop

Reach more customers!

With our E-Commerce solutions you will reach even more customers that can purchase directly.

Sell your own stock or use VMP-connectors to sell third-party stock.

Axerrio Business Intelligence

Work smarter,
not harder!

Streamline and improve processes with a complete insight in daily business.

Get the right information at the right time with our smart data solutions.

Axerrio Integration Platform

Axerrio Integration Platform

Een centrale schaalbare en efficiënte cloud-based oplossing voor al uw integraties.

Welke koppelingen voor u van meerwaarde zijn kan sterk verschillen, bekijk alle beschikbare integraties.

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Axerrio Business Solutions.

'The ERP software for the floral industry, all processes automated from grower to wholesaler'

Axerrio software has been developed especially for the floral industry, the goal is to handle daily processes as efficiently and effectively as possible and to reduce error margins. The flexibility in the design of the software combined with the many functionalities ensures that the software is fully tailored to your business operations.

Expand your Axerrio software with various floriculture-specific and general integrations and streamline your business processes even further. With a growing range of solutions, you can achieve profit in various areas of your organization through increased efficiency.

Our consultants will be happy to advise you on how the business processes can best be set up and how the software can offer optimal support. In this way, we are convinced that you can get the most out of the software.

'Axerrio is the one-stop-shop software partner for the floral industry, from software to IT-services'

Besides floral software we also offer support for IT services, that way all the other software and hardware in your business are maintained and supported.
This way all your IT problems are taken care of, you'll have quick support with any malfunctions, so you can focus on the matters important for your company.

Discover Axerrio!

We are Axerrio, a passionate group of people with more than 25 years of experience in creating software solutions for floral companies. We still make software with great pleasure, but we have now also grown into a full-fledged partner in the field of ICT support for floriculture processes. In addition to our software, we therefore supply what we call a total solution for your floral company.

  • All your processes supported with ABS Floral ERP Software
  • Integrate all your processes with growers, vendors, logistics, finances and customers
  • Grow your business with a fully integrated (multi-level) webshop

  • 24x7 Support from our experienced consultants through our Servicedesk

  • Realtime data and custom made information with Business Intelligence
  • Manage your company anywhere on any device with ABS Online
  • All-in workspace and server management with the ICT Services of our partner 24x7 ICT

Working at Axerrio?

Sure you can! We are always looking for new colleagues. More and more floral companies want to work with our software, so we need more people. Would you like to help us grow?

At the moment we have vacancies for:

  • Product Consultant
  • Software Developers Full stack ASP.NET Core
  • Project Manager
  • Servicedesk Employee

Are you interested? don't wait any longer and apply now.


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