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Axerrrio Business Solutions

Axerrio Business Solutions.

The ERP software for the floriculture industry, all your processes fully automated from grower, exporter to wholesaler.
To optimally support, improve and accelerate your business processes, Axerrio has developed an all-in-one software solution called Axerrio Business Software' (ABS). Our software package is specialized for companies in the floral industry, for which we have developed very specific solutions. Due to the many functionalities, flexibility in the design and customization options in ABS, the software can be tailored to your business operations.
Our software solutions can be expanded with new functionalities at any time, this ensures that you are flexible with changes within your company or business processes. Axerrio Business Software grows with you!
Axerrio ERP Software Sierteelt
ABS ERP Software
Integration platform
Photo Manager
Vendor Portal
Business Intelligence
Axerrrio Business Software - Type Klanten

The solution for every type of floral company.

Regardless of the type of floral company you have, we offer support for your floral processes through our software.

Sell your products through multiple channels or from your physical location, control your purchasing and inventory management through one system.

Get a grip on your purchasing and sales processes, create purchase and sales orders and arrange your financial administration. Sell directly from your own or external/virtual stocks to all your customers with a simple action.

Manage your inventory and automate your logistics processes with our labeling and scanning solutions. Avoid mistakes by saying goodbye to unnecessary manual work and increase your efficiency.


Export flowers and plants by air freight or by road.

Offer your products from your Axerrio ERP software, use trade channels such as Floriday, the auction or via Virtual Marketplaces (VMP).

With our solutions you automatically generate the export, E-CertNL and CVO documentation based on your sales orders and shipments. For road transport equipped with CMR, for air transport with all necessary documents for flawless customs clearance of your products to any destination.

E-CertNL Export Verklaringen

Sell from your physical location, control your inventory management, purchasing, sales and commercial processes such as actions and promotions from one system.

With the cash register module you sell your goods and pay for them directly in the software.

Manage your stock, prices and print labels from the Axerrio ERP system. Use scanners to automate your operational processes.


Automate your sales processes and gain control on your purchasing.

With our quotation module you can compose and prepare bouquets for the desired periods. With the production module, you can then automate and streamline your production.

Fill in your purchase demand with various purchasing channels and automatically distribute to the right order, generate labels with prices, descriptions and barcodes directly from the system.

Use our webshop to serve your customers, which products you offer to which customer and with which margins and prices you can easily arrange from your ERP software.


Import flowers and plants and sell them to your customers.

With Farm Direct or Virtual Marketplaces you can easily import goods directly from growers or other suppliers.

Strengthen cooperation with your suppliers by using the Axerrio Vendor Portal. Via your own portal, both supplier and buyer can manage and follow up the status.

Automatic price calculations ensure that your margins are correct and save you a lot of time, you can set this per item, item group and / or supplier.

Trade grower
Trade grower.

Sell your products through various trade channels such as Floriday.

With Axerrio software you can streamline and automate your sales, sell via Floriday via the Seller module or offer your products via Virtual Marketplaces.

Your customers receive the goods with the corresponding digital flows so that they have your products directly available in their system and can sell them.

Automate your logistics by means of barcodes for order picking, loading checks and stock management.

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Axerrrio Business Software - Processen

All floral industry processes automated.

Automate all your processes, in addition to standard solutions, we offer various integrations with external links.


Support your purchasers by having the purchase demands transparent and making it possible to do a quick division of sales- and production orders.

  1. VMP Buyer Module
  2. VMP Filter Management
  3. Floriday Buyer Module integratie
  4. Florecom EOS Buyer Module
  5. Vendor Portal


Handle all your sales processes quickly and efficiently with ABS. Simplify your processes and expand your reach by connecting our (multi-level) webshop in your own corporate identity.

  1. VMP Seller Module
  2. Floriday Seller Module integratie
  3. Florecom EOS/EDI Seller Module
  4. Webshop
  5. POS Software
  6. Quote Module


Gain more control and insight into production processes, schedules and costs with our fully integrated production planning software.

  1. Production Planning
  2. Infoscreens
  3. Fortna integratie


Your logistics in order and automated with our smart solutions, use RFID, PDAs and scanners, get an overview and work with real-time data. This gives you an up-to-date and accurate picture of, among other things, receipt of goods, production status and outgoing shipments.

  1. Warehouse Management App
  2. Infoscreens
  3. E-CertNL integratie
  4. TrackOnline integratie
  5. Stratech Shipment integratie


Take care of your financial matters such as invoicing, payment and debtor administration. Link your accounting package for integration with general ledger accounts.

  1. FloraHolland Invoice Control integratie
  2. AI2 Invoice Control integratie
  3. Elvy Invoice Control integratie

Master data

Expansive possibilities to enter your master data manually or automatically, custom to your business. This ensures the correct data is always available in the software.

  1. Floricode API integratie
  2. Data Warehouse

More information about our solutions.

Integration platform
Photo Manager
Vendor Portal
Business Intelligence
Consultancy & Support

Consultancy & Support.

The implementation of Axerrio software is done by our consultants, who are happy to advise you on how best to set up business processes and thus make maximum use of our solutions.
No matter how well we make and set up our software, it will always happen that you need support if there is a problem, adjustment to the software is necessary, or new wishes arise.
Our 24-hour Service Desk is set up with our own consultants, the big advantage of this is that they are fully aware of your business processes and the design of the software, so they can help you quickly and efficiently.
In addition to telephone and mail contact, you will have access to the Customer Portal, where you can create tickets at any time of the day, view open tickets and manage progress.
Personeel Studie

24-Hour support on the Software, so you can always keep working.


Consultants who are familiar with your company and setup of your Software.


Your own portal for reporting problems, changes and wishes.

ICT Services

ICT Services.

For a fixed amount per month we offer all-inclusive ICT support, your entire ICT environment is managed and monitored, so you can also contact us 24x7 in the event of outages.
Workplaces in the Cloud including licenses, software, data, mail, maintenance and support. Work from home or in the office, be reachable from anywhere with access to all your software and data.
Meer informatie?

More information?

Curious what the Axerrio solutions can do for your company?
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