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Axerrrio Integratie Platform
Axerrio Integration Platform.
All integrations on one platform, always available and secure via the cloud.
With the development of the Axerrio Integration Platform, it has become easier and more efficient to create new connections. In this way, the range of integrations is larger and you have even more possibilities to optimize your business operations.
In addition to standard solutions, integrations are also possible that are only important for your company, the platform offers one central place where this comes together, so you do not have to make any further investments in, among other things, IT infrastructure and hardware.
Costs for data, storage and computing power, for example, are fully measurable and scale with the consumption, so you never pay too much and the platform grows with your company.
  1. Software Assurance - Altijd up-to-date software
  2. Back-up & Security - Uw data veilig en vertrouwd
  3. Infrastructuur & Hosting - Alles centraal geregeld
  4. Kostenbeheer - Schaalt mee met uw verbruik
  5. Support - Ondersteuning bij problemen
Integraties Axerrio


There are multiple integrations available, in addition, we are constantly adding new integrations. Which links are of added value for you can vary greatly, our consultants are happy to help you see what the best options are for your company.

Looking for a solution that is not yet available? We are happy to talk to you to see what the possibilities are to make these available.

Below you will find an overview of the available links.

In development

100% Digital trading for growers and buyers

Floriday is the digital platform for floriculture. With Floriday we offer one central place where growers and buyers can easily handle their commercial and logistical processes.

With this integration you trade from ABS on Floriday, so you have everything at hand with one software package.


Gain insight into all packaging transactions with customers, suppliers, auctions and transporters.

When you do business with Royal FloraHolland, there is a handy functionality, with which data can easily be imported to TrackOnline and many manual actions are automated. By importing the FloraHolland transactions into TrackOnline, the physical numbers are immediately compared with the administrative numbers.

Floricode API
Floricode API.

Floricode is the authority in the field of registration of floriculture products in the world.

When registering floriculture products, the entire crop/product name is recorded by Floricode. ABS uses the data provided via Floricode, via the newly developed Floricode API this data is available.

Several solutions use the data that is retrieved via the Floricode API, these include: E-CertNL, RFH Invoice Control and Stratech.


e-CertNL Electronic exchange of import and export data.

The basis for issuing an export certificate is the combination of a certain product that goes to a certain country. Per country-product combination, e-CertNL contains:

  1. The requirements that must be met.
  2. The guarantees that prove that a requirement is covered (country declarations, quality systems, inspections)
  3. The model to deliver the documents.
RFH Invoice Control
Royal FloraHolland Invoice Control.

Do business as efficiently as possible with maximum control.

With the subscription to the e-Invoice service, you will receive all your clock, direct trade and service invoices from Royal FloraHolland by e-mail in XML or EDI format. These are loaded into your ABS where the check takes place.

Stratech Shipment
Stratech Shipment.

Organize your import and export more efficiently

Faster and error-free dependence for import/exporting companies on all documents and declarations by means of our innovative total solution and knowledge.

Lighten the pressure on your organization by making things smart, easy and clear. This creates time (management by exception) to focus on optimizing your import/export process.

Elvy Invoice processing
Elvy Invoice processing.

Break the habit of manually processing invoices: go for digital and automatic.

Create control, insight and efficiency with Elvy: the solution for efficiently processing your invoice flows. Whether invoices arrive on paper, as a PDF or as an e-invoice (UBL/XML), Elvy ensures that your invoice processing is in order. Automate the processing of Flora Holland invoices and all your other suppliers.

MHS Global
MHS Global.

MHS brings the appropriate material handling technologies to optimize your warehouse.

MHS is a comprehensive resource for the most appropriate, turnkey solutions for a wide range of material handling workflows. For example, data analysis, system audits and simulations are performed to ensure that your processes perform at the highest level, with solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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