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[20.22 / 20.23 / 20.24]

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Discounts available in sales order entry Order row discounts are now available in order entry. This facilitates adding discounts to order rows with non stock administration articles. 20.22
Additional packing options for trade articles Now it is possible to administer multiple reference packing options for a trade article. One of the packing options is marked as default. 20.23
Correct instead of delete external lots Please contact your system administrator for more information 20.23
Send EDI with startup parameter Sending an EDI can be done on set times with a startup parameter, with the Windows Task Scheduler. 20.24
Move allocation To get the correct allocation on a production order, with a scan of the production order row, and the lot, the picked lot can be put on the production order. 20.24
Invoicing customer on customer On customer level it is possible to administer a (different) invoicing customer. That way, the invoice facts of the customer can be invoiced to the invoice customer (which might be another customer). Also orders of multiple customers, can be invoiced to just one customer 20.24
Invoicing level Load/Transport Two invoicing levels Lading and Transport have been introduced. A Load is a set of transport carriers containing products for one customer. A Transport is a set of loads for one customer that are shipped in one shipment (for example a truck) 20.24
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