Release notes Mei 2020 NL

[20.09 / 20.10]

Subject Description Version
Expansion auto allocate matching code Matching code auto allocate on card and seat number. 20.09
VMP lots not added to ABS Fixed that all VMP supply lines through purchase management are added as lots. 20.09
Return invoice, enter remark When you credit a return from an invoice, the system will create a lot and/or a credit row. You can enter a remark with that return and get that remark to go on the credit row remark and/or the lot mark. 20.10
Assortment labels sorting customized The assortment labels can be sorted with a system setting. 20.10
Shortcut user fields in trade articles The shortcut CTRL+G can now be used in the screen user fields in trade articles. 20.10
Blocked lots and allocate to production orders Blocked lots won't be used when you auto-allocate to production order rows. 20.10
Set available for processing on check-in date As soon as a lot has been checked in completely, the moment of availability can now automatically be set to the date and time of the last check-in action. 20.10
Sequence print labels The sequence of packing labels, layer- and trolley labels and order pick labels is now adjustable. 20.10
Allocate lot to multi select order rows The user can allocate a selected lot to multiple (multi-select) order rows with one action. 20.10
Subject Version
Blocked labels not transport carrier calculation. 20.09
Production orders costs component bug. 20.09
Production orders and inspection numbers. 20.09
Bug value in article-customer group properties. 20.09
Restriction country trade articles. 20.10
Change AVE in allocate with screen. 20.10

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