Bergen op Zoom Office.

We are quite proud of our Bergen op Zoom Axerrio office. We jump on our bike to a trendy working environment to build cool software, so we don't have to go back and forth to the big city and deal with daily traffic jams. How?

We went for an industrial look with concrete floors and open ceilings. These concrete floors are nice and warm because of floor heating everywhere, so you can walk on your socks! This floor heating is part of an ultramodern climate system that cools or heats every room in every season and exchanges the energy between rooms.

We have more than 1,600 plants in our office, ensuring there is more than enough oxygen (yes, even more than in open air!) These plants are mainly located in 4 large plant walls which are automatically watered and illuminated. So the plants are also happy at Axerrio and no more dry eyes for us!

The floor carpeting, chairs, sofas and lamps are covered in Axerrio colors. These colors, combined with many wooden elements, keep the whole interior fresh en modern. If you are a bit drowsy from sitting at your computer, challenge your colleague to a table football or ping-pong match. Furthermore, with electric height-adjustable desks you have various working positions. Did you know you are burning more calories while standing? This way you also exercise at work, yes!

For the sports enthusiasts among us who come to work with the racing bike or you have been a bit too fanatic with a game of table tennis, there is a shower with changing room. And last but not least, the best coffee with freshly ground beans. Or are you more into noodles? We have a large stock with more than 10 different flavors, prepared in no time with the Quooker!

Foto’s: Meneer de Fotograaf / Ewout Huibers

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