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Do you use Axerrio software, and do you have a problem? Please contact servicedesk@axerrio.com.
Do you want a support session with a remote Axerrio employee?
This can be done very easily via TeamViewer Quick Support.


Need help?

Our servicedesk is available 24/7 to provide you with support.

Registration proces Servicedesk

A user has a problem or request and reports this to the application manager within the company.
The application manager tries to solve this problem himself, if it is too complex or impossible to solve, he / she contacts the servicedesk, a distinction is made between:

  • Issue with ABS Software – Axerrio Servicedesk
  • Issue with the infrastructure – 24×7 ICT Servicedesk (or your IT partner)

The application manager reports the problem to the servicedesk by telephone or e-mail, which tries to solve the problem immediately. The Axerrio or 24×7 ICT servicedesk employee makes a call of this problem, if it is too complex, the help of a specialist is called in.

The status of the call is communicated with the application manager/contact person until a solution to the problem has been provided.


Email: servicedesk@axerrio.com
Tel: (+31) 164 – 233 760

In case you have an issue with Axerrio software.

Email: support@24×7.nl
Tel: (+31) 182 – 744 244

Only in case you have workplace management from 24×7 ICT.

TeamViewer Quick Support.

Want remote support with an Axerrio employee?
Click on the button to start in a couple of seconds.

There is no installation requires, just press run to start the support session.