Smart Business Intelligence.

Axerrio Smart Business Intelligence gives you the ability to do analysis of the data which is available within your Axerrio Floral Software. To make this possible, Axerrio developed a Data Warehouse Service in which the ABS data is transformed daily into a consolidated management database. All data from different Business Units (such as purchasing, sales, production, logistics etc.) are available and related to each other. It means you can analyze the performance of different Business Units both individually and in combination. It is possible to view your data globally but also in a very detailed way. So you can get answers to questions like:

• Which growers' products do I profit the most from?
• How was sales/profit per customer last April and the year before?
• Which products do we get most claims on, from which grower/seller


24/7 Support.

By having a 24×7 subscription, it is possible to contact our 24×7 service desk outside office hours in case of operational critical problems.

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