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Axerrio WarehouseApp is a product to control the logistical process with a small scanner on a glove on one hand and a smartphone attached to the other arm. This allows you to scan with one hand and read the information on the smartphone. In the app you can choose from functions, such as putting delivered products on the correct location, overview of products stored on a specific location, stock check which are necessary for the logistics process. You cab use the app to:

• Sign in an entire cart with one scan (time saving!)
• Put delivered products on the correct location
• Get an overview of products stored on a specific location
• Check stock numbers
• With order picking you can collect products for the next phase in the process

The app sends you a confirmation by using sound, image and vibration for every correct or incorrect scan.
So you don't have to constantly check your screen whether a scan has been performed correctly and the process can be done faster! The app is connected in Axerrio Floral Software to the Pick Order module. As a result, the logistics manager has a clear overview of the entire logistics process.

Axerrio Warehousing

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