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Are you looking for a user-friendly webshop specially made for the floral sector?

With the Axerrio Webshop, customers can search, sort and filter by offer, view orders, buy and order directly. Because the shop is fully integrated with the Axerrio software, in addition to showing your own stock, you can show stock from third parties by means of a VMP link. The webshop is of course completely made up in the house style of your company and is therefore very recognizable for your customers.

To ensure that you have the right photos for articles and parties, we have developed the Axerrio Photo Manager. The photo solutions are widely applicable and can take a lot of work off your hands by, for example, automatically linking photos to articles or parties from external sources via the Image Center.

Of course, our consultants can advise you perfectly what the best solutions are for your company, if you are interested in our e-commerce solutions please contact us.

Automatic price list calculation.

Automatically generate price lists for your assortment, lots and VMP offer. The system ensures that these are automatically added to the dynamic price list, after which the price and the offer in your webshop in the background are automatically determined according to the settings, which can be set differently per customer or customer group. If your prices change in ABS, they will automatically change in your webshop. This way you always have the correct prices with your offer in the webshop.

Branded (multi-level) for your customers.

Increase the reach of your webshop by using the branded webshop, make your webshop multi-level deployable and offer your customers the opportunity to use it as an extra sales tool. Deliveries from the branded shop of your customers are transferred directly to your own back-office, the reach of your own webshop is greatly increased in this way. Your customers have the greatest advantage because their purchase and sales are done automatically, and they do not have to purchase their own webshop. The branded shop also works with the shop apps, so you can increase your reach and offer even more benefit to your customers.

IOS/Android shop apps.

With the Apple and Androids App your customers, or theirs, are able to login, check stocks, purchase and view orders. This way, at any moment and at any time from anywhere, customers can purchase in your shop. The reach of your shop is much larger and you give your customers more opportunities to purchase.

Webshop Payment Module.

Expand your webshop with the option for direct payment of the order placed in your webshop. Per customer or customer group you can set which payment options are available, this way you keep full control over the order possibilities.

Photo Manager.

With the Axerrio Photo Manager, we offer you an easy way to take and upload photos from our online portal. With the Axerrio Photoshooter, which is included with the Photo Manager, you can take photos yourself with your phone. You can link these photos in the Photo Manager to the correct items lots and / or price list rules. The photos are automatically placed in the right size and file format so that the photos are placed correctly and in the right resolution and quality on your webshop.

There are several other solutions to expand the Photo Manager for specific purposes. With the Image Center you can collect photos automatically from external sources, for example to show VMP stock with the correct photos. The Photo Workstation gives you the option to link external photo software to the Axerrio Software, for example to use your own camera or setup. Besides that we offer Photo Cloud Hosting to safely store all the photos in our cloud environment.

In order to make optimal use of the Photo Manager, our consultants can perfectly advise you which solutions best suit your wishes and business processes.


Take photos of products and link them to lots and/or articles. These photos are processed and made available for the webshop, so visitors to your webshop can immediately view these photos with the correct article.

Photo Workstation.

The Workstation makes it possible to link external photo software to your Axerrio Photo Manager. Photos automatically get picked up and shown in your Photo Manager.

Image Center.

With the Image Center you can download photos from the FloraHolland image bank, which are often included in your EKT's. Photos from other sources can also be retrieved via weburl and stored locally for use in ABS and your webshop, this solution is often used for your VMP offer.

Photo Cloud Hosting.

Cloud hosting for all photos that are used in the Photo Manager, safe and securely stored on the servers of Axerrio. This ensures that the photos are always available for you and your customers.

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