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Axerrrio Vendor Portal
Axerrio Vendor Portal.
With the Vendor Portal you create and connect suppliers directly via your own portal. Trade from ABS directly with your own suppliers and automatically obtain all the necessary documentation.
After you have invited suppliers to your Vendor Portal, you can get started right away. You submit your purchasing request to the affiliated supplier of your choice, to which they can respond in various ways. Your supplier has the option to immediately approve, refuse or make adjustments to the request.
After a response from the supplier, you have the option to accept or reject this offer. Your vendor has an overview of all accepted and rejected purchase orders. From this overview, details such as the Waybill are visible and there is the possibility to create a purchase invoice.
The Vendor Portal is fully integrated with ABS, this way you can arrange your entire purchase directly via the Vendor Portal via ABS and offer your suppliers a portal in which all their sales orders with accompanying documentation can be found.
Connect your suppliers.
Automatic Report Scheduler
Fully integrated with ABS.
Documentation & invoicing.
Connect your suppliers
Connect your suppliers.

You determine which suppliers have access to the Vendor Portal, so your buyers can only submit the purchase request to selected suppliers.

Provide your suppliers with a portal where they can manage and structure all their sales with you, complete with all documentation for transport and invoicing.

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Fully integrated with ABS
Vendor Portal
Fully integrated with ABS.

You create a purchase order in ABS and select the supplier of your choice to send the demand to. Once your supplier has agreed to this purchase order and you have also agreed. All other processes are done by ABS.

In this way you can centralize your purchasing from ABS via the Vendor Portal.

Documentation & invoicing
Vendor Portal
Documentation & invoicing.

In the portal they can create a Waybill which is immediately transferred to the purchase order in your ABS.

They can also create an invoice which you can approve in ABS which can then be paid.

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