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Smart Data &
Business Intelligence.

Within the Axerrio software there are various possibilities to use data solutions in the right places in your business processes. Whether it concerns operational processes, for example for incoming and departing shipments or management information. With our solutions, we can bring this valuable information to the right people in your company at the right time.

To obtain your management reports, we have set up the Axerrio Data Warehouse. From this source you can use the tooling of your choice, in a structured way, to retrieve your data for the (management) of your company.

Employees also need information in various places within your company in order to be able to carry out the operation efficiently. For this purpose, Axerrio has developed smart solutions to, for example, automatically send reports at fixed times and to display current status information on physical displays screens within your operation.


Data Warehouse.

Axerrio Business Intelligence (BI) solution uses the specially designed Axerrio Data Warehouse. Within the Data Warehouse the data, which are created in ABS, are optimized for analysis. We've developed a data structure in which all facts (revenue, costs, units etc.) can be analyzed against different dimensions (time, customers, supplier, geographical, product etc.). The data of the different Business Units (like purchasing, sales, production, transport etc.), are available and related to each other. This means that with the help of a BI tool of your liking, for example the performance of different Business Units, separately but also combined, can be analyzed. The data can be examined globally, but also in detail.
This answers questions like:

  • Which growers' products do I profit the most from?
  • How was sales/profit per customer last April and the year before?
  • Which products do we get most claims on, from which grower/seller/packer?

Our consultants can advice you best for which management question, and with which BI tool, you can best make user of the Data Warehouse within your company.

Automatic Report Scheduler.

Daily, reports are generated by the same employees who require the same reports to then send them to the same contacts. A simple calculation learns us that creating one report and sending them, costs 20 hours a year.
We are able to generate and send these reports automatically with the Automatic Report Scheduler. After a one-time-setup, from then on, ARS will send the reports automatically for you.

Automatic Report Scheduler


Axerrio Infoscreens are developed to display current data dynamically from your Axerrio software, on screens within your business, which are connected to your network. The big advantage of Axerrio Infoscreens is that data can be shown in an understandable way and that it keeps refreshing. This way you can display actual and relevant information at any desired location or department .

Which data is displayed on the infoscreens?
You decide, as they can be custom made to your demands and requirements.

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