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Axerrio Business Software.

The Axerrio ERP software is an all-in-one solution to automate all your business processes and is specifically designed for companies in the floral industry.

The Axerrio software is standardized and offers integral support for your business processes, components such as purchasing, distribution, sales, logistics and finances fit seamlessly together. This ensures company-wide support of the processes and contributes to improving efficiency and reducing the margin of error. The flexibility in the design of the software ensures that we can perfectly connect it to your business processes, in addition, our software scales along with your company. New functionalities can be added at any time, so that the software can be used cost-efficiently for every size organization.

Below you will find more information about the different solutions we offer to support your business processes, curious what we can do for your company?


With Axerrio Business Software you quickly deal with all sales processes. In our sales module we have many possibilities to efficiently handle your sales processes, so your sellers spend less time entering orders and have more time left on the customer relation.

Axerrio E-Commerce Webshop Sierteelt Software
VMP Seller Module

With the VMP Seller Module you can make your stocks directly available to buying parties. As soon as your stock is purchased by a customer, this will immediately result in a customer order in your ABS software with the distribution of the purchased (partial) lot.

Floriday Seller Module

Floriday gives you access to and open worldwide marketplace for the floral sector. Through the Axerrio software you can make your stock available on Floriday. Sales orders from Floriday are automatically available in your ABS software.


Florecom EOS/EDI Seller Module

In the ABS sales module, orders that you receive from customers can automatically be imported if these are sent using the Florecom or EDI message standard. Enquire your customers if they support this standard.


With the Axerrio Webshop your customers are able to search for offers, sort and filter, look into orders, direct purchase and order. Due to the shop being fully integrated with the Axerrio Software, you can show your own stock, or show 3rd party stock through VMP-connectors. All orders will automatically be available in ABS.
For more information about our webshop solutions click here.

POS Software

In ABS there's a POS solution developed for Cash&Carry and lineriders. In a customer order, Using this solution, a customer can have the desired products put directly into a customer order using barcode scans. It's possible to set, depending on the credit settings of a customer, whether a customer pays directly or by account.

Quote Module

The Quote Module gives you the possibility to offer arrange articles (bouquets) to customers, for a specific period. This allows you to create, based on expected purchase prices for each component, a bouquet and calculate it. By accepting the offer, the information from the offer module is automatically transferred into the sales and production orders,


Support your purchasers by having the purchasing needs transparent, make it possible for them to manage a quick division of sales- and/or production orders. By using several solutions in our software, purchasing can be better streamlined and further automated.

Royal FloraHolland Clock Sales
VMP Filter Management

With VMP Filter Management, you can filter (for example by the purchase manager), choosing what VMP-offers are available, from which suppliers, for your purchasers. With this preselection you ensure your purchasers always ordering from the correct suppliers and keep you in full control of your purchasing.

VMP Buyer Module

In your ABS software, parties offered by your suppliers can be made directly available via the VMP Buyer Module. The lots are visible to your buyers and .m a distribution on a customer order or production order, they can be purchased directly. This makes the ordering process easier for your buyers and ensures a faster fulfillment of your purchasing needs.

Floriday Buyer Module

Just like purchasing offers from VMP, you can have the offers from Floriday available in your ABS software. This way purchasers can easily purchase from Floriday without having to visit an external platform.


Florecom EOS Buyer Module

Do your suppliers like to work with purchase order that are directly read into their software? From you ABS software you can send purchase orders using the Florecom standard. This makes reduced the workload of your supplier and improves the relationship.,

Vendor Portal

Do you have suppliers you would like to work with in a dynamic way? With our Vendor Portal this is possible, it's a web portal to which you can give your suppliers access. Through this portal you can send your purchase orders directly to your suppliers, they then have the option to accord or propose (price)adjustments. You will receive instant reactions and are able to handle the orders in your ABS software.


Achieve more control and insight of your production processes, planning and costs with the solutions in Axerrio Business Software. Use the correct amount of people required for the production and analyze the data to increase the efficiency of your company.

Floriday Flowers
Productie Planning Management (PPM)

With PPM you can create a planning for you production per track/line. On the basis of data, there a prognoses will be made of the required time and the amount of employees needed, per production order.


By registering the amount of employees necessary and the actual time needed for a production order, you get an exact image of the actual production time vs. the planned time.

With the data collected from PPM you can plan your next production order even better and calculate the costs better.

Productie Infoscreens

De Production Infoscreens zijn ontwikkeld om de actuele gegevens uit uw Axerrio software op een dynamische manier te tonen op schermen binnen uw bedrijf. Dit kan bijvoorbeeld bij uw logistieke afdeling met nog te versturen of nog binnen te komen zendingen. Het grote voordeel van Axerrio Infoscreens is dat gegevens begrijpelijk getoond worden en dat deze constant ververst wordt.

Which data is displayed on the infoscreens?
You decide, as they can be custom made to your demands and requirements per location, department and screen.


The logistics in your company are difficult, with the use of the correct smart solutions you have a full overview of the incoming and outgoing products. Speed up and simplify the logistical processes, prevent errors, and maintain overview of your business operations.

Warehouse Management App

The Axerrio Warehouse Management App is a product to support your logistical process and is made for Android handheld devices. With this solutions you can for example:

  • Sign in an entire cart with one scan (time saving!)
  • Scan delivered product to locations (making them easier to find later on in the process)
  • Request overviews of products stored on a specific location
  • Check the amounts of stock
  • With order picking you can collect products for the next phase in the process

The Warehouse Management App is connected to ABS with the Pick Order module. As a result, the logistics manager has a clear overview of the entire logistics process.



If you want to sell products through Royal FloraHolland clock(pre)sales or connect, and EAB(electronic delivery note) needs to be sent. From registiered outgoing shipments, ABS can automatically extract the correct data from the system and process this into the EAB, this makes creating EAB's separately a thing of the past.


The E-Cert module generates the correct certificates automatically for your shipment. This saves time and prevents errors in the exportdocuments. The E-CertNL module check the following items:

  • The demands that need to be satisfied to give the certificate.
  • The certainties that needs to be shown that a demand is met (country declarations, quality systems, inspections).
  • The model to deliver the documents.

Besides specific shipments, it's also possible to request inspections for whole stock lots.


With ABS you take care of all your financial affairs, whether it is invoicing or the payment and debtor administration, everything is included. In addition, link your accounting package for full integration with your general ledger accounts.

FloraHolland Invoice Control

Checking large purchase invoices often requires a lot of manual labor for the financial department. If you purchase a lot through Royal FloraHolland, you'll have a lot of work checking the clock and connect invoices. In ABS there's the option to have invoices from Royal FloraHolland automatically checked with incoming lots in the system. The Purchse Invoice Control even has an intelligent algorithm that can automatically match large amounts of invoice rows to the correct purchase invoice row. This makes the work for your financial employees considerately easier.

Elvy Invoice Control

To check purchase invoices not coming from Royal FloraHolland, we also have a solution. It's possible to connect the ABS software with the software of Elvy. This software is able to to read incoming purchase invoices, for example from PDF. The connection with Axerrio makes it possible to get the information available in ABS, that way it can be checked against the incoming lots.

Master data.

It's crucial that you work with the correct data. With the extensive possibilities in ABS you can enter, edit and synchronize your master data manually or automatically. This way the correct data is always available in the Axerrio software.

Axerrio Smart Data Power BI oplossing sierteelt
Floricode Data Sync

The address of a supplier has changed, there are price changes in packaging, a new VBN article is available? All these things mean an update of your system is required, but what is the quickest way to do this?

Using Axerrio Data Sync you no longer need to manually make all these changes. The function of this product is simple: it constantly synchronizes data from instances with the Axerrio software. This happens automatically so you have nothing to worry about.

Available connectors are:

  • Floricode VBN Articles
  • Floricode Suppliers
  • Floricode Packings
  • Stratech Shipment
Data Warehouse

Axerrio Business Intelligence (BI) solution uses the specially designed Axerrio Data Warehouse. Within the Data Warehouse the data, which are created in ABS, are optimized for analysis. We've developed a data structure in which all facts (revenue, costs, units etc.) can be analyzed against different dimensions (time, customers, supplier, geographical, product etc.). The data of the different Business Units (like purchasing, sales, production, transport etc.), are available and related to each other. This means that with the help of a BI tool of your liking, for example the performance of different Business Units, separately but also combined, can be analyzed. The data can be examined globally, but also in detail.
This answers questions like:

  • Which growers' products do I profit the most from?
  • How was sales/profit per customer last April and the year before?
  • Which products do we get most claims on, from which grower/seller/packer?

Our consultants can advice you best for which management question, and with which BI tool, you can best make user of the Data Warehouse within your company.

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