Our Team.

Nardi -

“Together with Marcel I have build and grew Axerrio to what it is today: a team of enthusiastic and experienced professionals developing innovative solutions for complex and challenging business needs”

Marcel -

“I like to create new things, turn ideas into products that are useful or just cool. It's great to be part of the Axerrio team because everyone knows what needs to be done and is always willing to go the extra mile”

Ronald -
ICT Infrastructures

“In 2015 I started as an intern at Axerrio ICT Infrastructures departement which I like very much. In the weekend you can find me on the soccer pitch and down town with my friends”

Niels -
Software Development

“Since 1998 I'm part of the Axerrio team as a developer of our backoffice product ABS. Through the years I have seen and worked with new technologies and developments. I enjoy soccer, photography, traveling and cooking”

Jos -
Software Development

“I'm interested in technologies and programming, which I've caredfor all my life. Since 2009 I have worked at the Axerrio development team. I focus on webshop, webservice and custom solutions”

Lucy -
Software Development

“Early 2020 I joined Axerrio as a software developer. I love learning new things and there are enough challenges for me here. I like to spend my spare time reading, gaming and hiking”

Daniël -
Software Development

“In 1999 I started at Axerrio and I have actually always been involved with ABS. In 2007 I left the netherlands with my wife and cats, to a small village in France, away from the hustle and bustle. I love to cook, cycling and my collection of LEGO!”

Jeroen -
Software Development

"I joined Axerrio in 2015 as a software developer. I mainly focus on mobile App and web development. Mobile development can be quite a challenge, mainly the usability aspect is important in building mobile Apps"

Driek -
Software Development

"In 2017 I started, after my internship, at Axerrio as a software developer and I enjoy it a lot! In my spare time I like to play the piano and experiment with new technologies"

Jordy -
Software Development

"During my Computer Science Bachelors degree program I did at Axerrio, I learned a lot about software design and development. Now I work here as a software developer. I spent my spare time on hobbies like movies and music"

Robbert -
Software Development

"In May 2020 I joined Axerrio as a Software Developer and I really enjoy woking here! I like working with the newest technologies and applying them during work. In my spare time I love playing tennis and soccer, traveling and hitchhiking"

Barry -

“I started working with Axerrio in 2016 where I learnt a lot about Axerrio solutions. Nowadays I'm responsible for all commercial activities at work. In addition to my job, I enjoy sports and can often be found on the beach in summertime”

Davie -
Commercieel medewerker

“Augustus 2021 ben ik bij Axerrio begonnen om de commerciële activiteiten uit te breiden. Samen met Barry hoop ik de komende periode alle bestaande en nieuwe klanten goed te kunnen ondersteunen. In mijn vrije tijd ben ik vaak op de golfbaan te vinden, daarnaast pak ik graag een terrasje mee.”

Marie-Róse -
Consultancy & Support

"I started working at Axerrio to assist the Consultancy & Support team by taking over planning and coordinating internal working processes. It's a pleasure to improve our quality with the whole team. In my spare time you can find me among horses and walking my dog"

Sander -
Consultancy & Support

"After graduating, I have been working for Axerrio in the Consultancy & Support department for 20 years. In those years I have built up quite some knowledge of all aspects of the flower and plant industry and its automation. With this knowledge and experience I work daily to serve clients as well as possible"

Merijn -
Consultancy & Support

"I am part of the development and implementation team of all web projects at Axerrio. Customers can contact me with all questions about webshops, apps and other online projects.

Thomas -
Consultancy & Support

"Born in the Westland district, I was brought up with flowers and plants. After my study I started to work for a flower export company where I worked intensively with ABS. After 5 years I made the switch to start working for Axerrio"

Martijn -
Consultancy & Support

"After working in the hospitality business, I made a switch and started working for Axerrio. Here I want to combine my servitude towards clients and my affinity for ICT. I love a good hike in the woods with family and dog"

René -
Consultancy & Support

"After graduation, my 'adult' life also began by joining Axerrio. Coming from a horticulture family, I have always been interested in agri/horticulture and enjoy working in an environment where I can combine my interest with ICT"

Henriëtte -
Design & Administration

"Since 2014 I work at Axerrio as a Designer as well as administrative work. A nice combination for me. I keep up our website, designing apps and take care of outgoing communication of our corporate identity. In my spare time I like hiking and occasionally go to a concert"

René -
Group Finance Manager

"Since 2001 I have been working as Group Finance manager at Axerrio. I ended up here accidentally when I was looking for a part-time job at the time. Together with my colleagues, we manage to provide the management with monthly results. Continuity is our most important aim"

Kim -
Financial assistant

"I started at Axerrio for my internship. After graduating in 2004, I started working full time at Axerrio in accounting. Together with René and Henriëtte, we manage the entire bookkeeping. Additionaly I'm the phone operator and handle various secreterial tasks"

Jillian -
Axerrio USA

"I have been with Axerrio since 2004. Axerrio is my passion en take pride in working with our customers to find the best solution for their business. I adore my children and watching them grow. I like to cook, decorate and hiking"

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