eTrade originally was an initiative of FloraHolland and is an online marketplace where buyers can connect their software to. Its therefore possible to view/query grower's stock in real time and purchase from here.

To link your Axerrio software to FloraHolland eTrade (FloraMondo) we have developed software that meets the eTrade message standard. This software requests stocks and makes purchase orders; we call this software 'Axerrio eTrade client'. We have agreed with several software suppliers in the floral industry to use the eTrade message standard in order to call up stocks and make purchase orders.

eTrade client software allows you to include your suppliers inventory in your Axerrio software (both ABS and webshop) and when you or a customer buys from stock then immediately the product is purchased in your suppliers system and allocation of product automatically has been done in both your as your suppliers system.

If you are a supplier, you can make your inventory available to your customers via ‘Axerrio eTrade Server’.

External Connector.

Using the eTrade External Connector it is possible to include stock of suppliers in your Axerrio software (both Axerrio Floral Software and webshop). eTrade External Connector is an extension to eTrade Client which, if you have partners who do not support eTrade, can connect anyway.

Through a pre-set format a grower can complete his current stock and deliver it by email. The External Connector immediately processes this file directly in your database and is immediately visible in the webshop. The products are not physically in stock at the trader. For this reason we also call the eTrade External Connector an indirect connection between grower and customer, with the trader as intermediate.

Axerrio Purchasing software

When a customer orders from stock coming from eTrade External Connector, the system immediately sends an email to the grower with the order barcode. The grower provides the products with a correct barcodes which can be scanned immediately by arrival. The system identifies the barcode and immediately notifies you which customer the lot is intended for, creates a customer sticker to put on the box. This way, the entire logistic process is taken care of right away!

24/7 Support.

By having a 24×7 subscription, it is possible to contact our 24×7 service desk outside office hours in case of operational critical problems.


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